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SSDLC stands for Secure Software Development Life Cycle and indicates what organizations should adhere to for integrating security measures at each stage of the software development process.

With our SSDLC analysis, we integrate security assessments throughout the software development lifecycle. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in the early stages of development, we assist in securing the application against potential future threats, saving resources, and enhancing the security posture of your product.

Our comprehensive analysis covers:


Test and Production Environments

We evaluate the security of your various environments to ensure segregation and appropriate access controls. This includes analyzing configurations, network access, data security, and deployment practices across development, testing, and production stages to prevent accidental data leakage or unauthorized system access.


Software Used as a Code Repository

We scrutinize the security mechanisms of the code repository software in use. This involves validating the access controls, reviewing the change logs for any irregularities, and checking for any potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain unauthorized access to your codebase.


Software Used in the Code Building Process

We analyze the build software to ensure its integrity and safety. This includes a review of build scripts, configuration files, and any integrations with other systems or tools, verifying that the building process is secured and can't be exploited to inject malicious code.


Software Used in Application Development

Our team inspects both mobile and web/desktop app development software for any security weaknesses. This includes a comprehensive review of the source code, debugging processes, libraries, frameworks, and the development processes used. We ensure any potential vulnerabilities or security risks across these platforms are identified and addressed.


Employee Workstation Security

Our penetration testing services cover a comprehensive analysis of the security infrastructure at the employee workstation level. We evaluate the overall security posture, focusing on operating systems, installed software, and data handling practices. We also assess access controls, user privileges, and firewall configurations to ensure a robust defence against potential cyberthreats.


Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment and Internal Communication Security

We analyze the security of the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) software, focusing on access controls, process isolation, and data handling, while also assessing the security of your internal communication systems. Our review encompasses encryption standards, authentication mechanisms, and practices across email systems, instant messaging platforms, and video conferencing tools to ensure your company's information remains secure and confidential.



What is the Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC)?

The SSDLC is a framework that embeds security considerations into each phase of the software development process, from design and development to deployment and maintenance.


How does SSDLC improve the security of our software products?


What is the cost for SSDLC consulting and integration?


How can SSDLC help with regulatory compliance?


What methodologies or standards do you follow in SSDLC integration?

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