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Cloud security

& Cloud assessment

Cloud security risk analysis includes an assessment of the risks and potential vulnerabilities associated with using a cloud-based system. This type of audit is carried out to ensure that companies' data is adequately protected when stored on a remote server.

Tailored to secure cloud infrastructures, Cloud Penetration Testing services evaluate each component of the cloud environment. The detection of potential security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations prompts strategic recommendations, enhancing security controls and providing robust protection for crucial business data.

Key focus areas include:


Identity and Access Management (IAM)

We conduct a comprehensive review privileges matrix to ensure the principle of least privilege is adequately implemented. Additionally, we verify the granular permissions to ensure appropriate access controls are in place. Our team scrutinizes accounts and groups for excessive privileges that could lead to potential security risks. Lastly, we assess your default settings for potential security risks to prevent any exploitable vulnerabilities.



Our team thoroughly reviews firewall rules and security groups to ensure a robust network defence. Furthermore, we scrutinize subnet separation to prevent potential attack propagation.



We assess user permissions to storage objects to ensure data security. Additionally, we validate the usage of data encryption in storage objects to prevent unauthorized data access. For continuity, we check the usage and configuration of backups to ensure data continuity in case of any data loss incidents.


Monitoring & Logging

We ensure that data is logged correctly for virtual machines and other objects. Our team assesses whether logs are actively monitored to ensure timely detection and response to potential threats. Furthermore, we scrutinize your alarm system configuration to make sure it promptly alerts in case of security incidents. Lastly, the security of your log storage, including its encryption, is examined to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your log data.



We also focus to review and verify database permissions, ensuring appropriate access controls. The firewall configuration is validated to safeguard against potential cyber threats. The configuration of your authentication mechanism is assessed for secure access controls. We also validate the usage of data encryption in database configurations and check the usage of auditing systems. Finally, backups are assessed for data continuity.


Virtual Machines

We provide an overview of virtual machines configuration from the admin panel level. The firewall configuration is reviewed for protection against potential network attacks. Additionally, we check the usage and configuration of backups to ensure the possibility of data recovery in any incident.



What is Cloud Application Security?

Cloud Application Security involves protecting applications hosted in the cloud from threats and vulnerabilities that could compromise data privacy, application performance, and overall system integrity.


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What methodologies do you use for Cloud Application Security assessments?

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