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Mobile application

penetration testing

This kind of penetration test involves a combination of manual and automated testing techniques to assess security controls, identify vulnerabilities, and determine the potential impact of a successful attack. The objective is to provide recommendations on how to improve security posture of the application and reduce the risk of a security breach.

Focused on securing the integrity of mobile applications, our specialized penetration testing services employ a wide range of testing techniques to deliver comprehensive security evaluations. These insights into potential vulnerabilities prompt the development of preventative measures, securing user trust and fortifying data protection.

Key focus areas include:


Data Storage Security

We assess your app's storage security measures to prevent data leakage. This process includes inspecting local storage mechanisms, encryption practices, and data handling procedures. We ensure the security of sensitive data such as user credentials and confidential information.


Binary File Analysis

Our team performs an in-depth examination of your app's binary files to identify the presence of sensitive data that could be exploited by attackers. This process helps in preventing security breaches caused by an exposure of sensitive data.


Internal Communication Vulnerabilities

We analyse your app for potential vulnerabilities in internal communication. This is crucial to protect your app against potential attacks from malicious apps on the same device. Our experts evaluate the inter-process communication (IPC) mechanisms to detect and mitigate any security risks.


Cryptographic Mechanism Evaluation

Our team investigates your app's cryptographic mechanisms to ensure the secure storage of encrypted data on the device. Using a graybox methodology, which combines elements of both black-box and white-box testing, we understand your app's responses to various types of attacks.


WebView Vulnerability Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities (such as XSS) when your app uses WebView, ensuring the secure use of this common feature in mobile apps. Our team assesses the implementation of JavaScript interfaces and content security policies to secure your WebView component.


Security and Privacy Analysis of Communication

Our experts verify the implementation of the certificate pinning mechanism and certifitace transparency. These checks ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data in transit, protecting against MITM attacks.



Why is Mobile Application Security important?

Given the ubiquity of mobile apps and the sensitive data they often handle, ensuring their security is crucial to prevent data breaches, protect user privacy, and maintain trust in your brand.


What type of vulnerabilities can be discovered in Mobile Application Security testing?


What is the cost of Mobile Application Security testing?


What are the benefits of Mobile Application Security testing?


Do you follow any specific standards for Mobile Application Security testing?

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