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Welcome to our Partnership Program!

At Securitum, we specialize in security penetration testing and are actively seeking partners who are passionate about cybersecurity.

Join us as a Brand Ambassador and not only contribute to making the digital world safer but also earn money by recommending new customers. Together, we build a network of trust and ensure organizations stay one step ahead of potential threats. Join our mission today and let’s make a lasting impact in the realm of cybersecurity.

Do you know a company that may be vulnerable to cyber attacks?

Become Securitum’s brand ambassadors and earn money by recommending new customers!

Where can you help us:

  • Do you know a company which is looking for a pentest provider?
  • Can you introduce us to a company, which undergoes pentests regularly?
  • Does your company need reliable, top class pentesting provider?

We pay a hefty comission (or offer substantial discount, in case you help a company you work for) for a mere introduction - no sales work needed on your side.

Become our Ambassador in three simple steps:


Contact us to organise a short 30 minutes call. We will present you Securitum and answer all questions regarding our Partnership program and our services


Feel free to introduce us to any company or person you find is a match for us


You can do it in a simple introductory e-mail or video conference

Why is it worth to become Securitum’s ambassador?


Financial Incentives

As a brand ambassador, you have the opportunity to earn money by referring new customers to our security penetration testing services. This provides an additional income stream and rewards you for your valuable recommendations. In case you recommend us to a company you work for, to resolve conflict of interest, instead of commision for you, we offer hefty discount for you company.


Industry Expertise

By partnering with us, you align yourself with a trusted and experienced security penetration testing company. Your association with our expertise enhances your professional reputation and credibility within your industry.


Addressing Security Concerns

Many branches, such as finance, healthcare, and technology, are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats. By recommending our services, you play a crucial role in addressing their security concerns and helping them safeguard their sensitive information.


Networking Opportunities

As a brand ambassador, you gain access to a network of like-minded professionals in the cybersecurity field. Collaborating with us opens doors to valuable connections, potential partnerships, and industry insights.


Continuous Learning

Our partnership provides you with opportunities for continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in security penetration testing. You can expand your knowledge base and sharpen your skills, enhancing your professional development.

Any questions?

Happy to get a call or email
and help!

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