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Desktop and console


Our penetration testing services for desktop and console applications focus on identifying potential vulnerabilities in software.

Through rigorous testing and analysis, we uncover and address vulnerabilities and promote best security practices, enhancing the integrity and reliability of your applications.

Key focus areas include:


Data Storage and Authorization Analysis

Start by gaining insights into how the application stores data locally. This process checks if sensitive data like credentials are securely stowed away in database files and temporary files. The test also scrutinizes how authorization is handled, be it locally or server-side. You will get an understanding of whether the access to your data is correctly restricted to authorized users only.


System Analysis and Encryption Review

We will try our hand at reverse engineering the application. It means we will study the inner workings of the application to find any hidden security vulnerabilities. Experience a detailed analysis of your desktop and console applications with our comprehensive testing service. Designed with a focus on user-friendliness and clarity, this service provides an easy-to-understand review of your application's security landscape. We will evaluate the way your application connects to its backend component. This part ensures the encryption algorithms are appropriately implemented, safeguarding communication between the application and its backend. The test also peers into the parameter settings of your application's encryption algorithms. To simplify, we ensure the encryption settings are robust, mitigating potential security risks.


Attack Simulations and Defence Evaluation

Lastly, we will simulate common attacks on your application backend, like SQL injection and OS command injection. Do not worry, it is all part of the plan to see how well your application can defend itself against these threats.



What does a Desktop and Console Applications Penetration Test involve?

A Penetration Test for Desktop and Console Applications involves identifying potential vulnerabilities in your applications through testing and analysis. The aim is to uncover security flaws that could be exploited by an attacker.


What kind of vulnerabilities can a Desktop and Console Applications Penetration Test uncover?


What are the benefits of a Desktop and Console Applications Penetration Test for my organization?


How much does a Desktop and Console Applications Penetration Test cost?

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