We provide penetration testing to secure digital assets and protect against cyberattacks. Our range of services covers many aspects of cybersecurity.
Here are some of the key services we offer:

Web application

penetration testing

Web application penetration testing is an approach to assessing the security by simulating an attack on a web application. We use a combination of automated and manual techniques to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious attackers.

The goal is to provide clients with insights into their security status and recommend how to improve their web security.

Mobile application

penetration testing

This kind of penetration test involves a combination of manual and automated testing techniques to assess the application's security controls, identify vulnerabilities, and determine the potential impact of a successful attack.

The goal is to provide the recommendations on how to improve the application's security posture and reduce the risk of a security breach.


penetration testing

We simulate an attack on a network infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. We use various tools and techniques to assess the security of a website's servers, network devices, and applications.

By identifying weaknesses, clients can take steps to mitigate potential security risks and protect their network from attacks.

Cloud security

& Cloud assessment

Cloud security risk analysis involves assessing the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with using a cloud-based system.

This type of audit is carried out to ensure that companies' data is adequately protected when stored on a remote server.

Social engineering

Social Engineering attacks simulate various phishing and vishing attacks to test the human element of the security. This provides a thorough understanding of employees' awareness levels and the effectiveness of detection and countermeasures to social engineering attacks, allowing us to devise a customized report and training plan that elevates the security awareness of the entire company.

SSDLC implementation

SSDLC stands for Secure Software Development Life Cycle and indicates what organizations should adhere to for integrating security measures at each stage of the software development process.


OSINT services utilize publicly available information to generate valuable insights about potential threats to your organization. By gathering and analysing data from various sources, we can identify potential attack vectors, expose data leaks, and evaluate your organization's online footprint from a threat perspective.

Desktop and console applications

Our penetration testing services for desktop and console applications focus on identifying potential vulnerabilities in software. Through rigorous testing and analysis, we uncover and address vulnerabilities and promote best security practices, enhancing the integrity and reliability of your applications.

Configuration analysis

Configuration analysis takes an in-depth look at servers, databases, and devices to ensure the setup aligns with security best practices. By identifying and rectifying security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, the overall security of your IT infrastructure is significantly enhanced.

Source code review

Our Source Code Review services offer a deep dive into your application's codebase. Leveraging industry best practices, our experts scrutinize your code to detect security flaws, vulnerable libraries, and design weaknesses. By enhancing the security of the source code, we strengthen your application's overall resilience to cyber threats.

Red teaming

Red team audit is conducted by a team of "ethical hackers" to simulate an actual attack on an organization's systems and infrastructure. The process involves reconnaissance, exploitation, post-exploitation and reporting phases.

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