You can find here our general approach to pricing for Securitum pentesting services.

We offer penetration services in two models:


Time & materials

based on pre-agreed schedule (i.e. start/end dates and project duration in man days)

In scenario 1 (T&M), we use a rate depending on a project duration, team size, and mode (remote, on-site, hybrid) in the range of 640 EUR to 890 EUR per man day. Would you be interested in talking about engagement in this model, please contact us!


Fixed project time & cost,

based on our appraisal

Would you be interested in scenario 2 (fixed cost), typical pentest engagement takes between 1 and 4 weeks for a single application and/or area. This puts cost of a complete project between 3500 EUR and 14 000 EUR. Please find below typical questions we ask for a pentest in most common areas, and contact us using buttons below.

Web application


  • What funtionalities does the application provide?
  • How big is the application (estimated number of unique screens)?
  • How many different user groups must be audited?
  • How many API endpoints / methods does the application use?
  • Will the auditor be able to register accounts for all user groups included in the project scope?

Mobile application


  • What is the size of application (estimated number of unique screens?
  • How many API endpoints / methods does the application use?
  • Does the application share the backend (e.g. API) with other applications?
  • How many different user groups does the application have and how many must be tested?
  • What kind and version of the platform is the mobile application available for (iOS, Android)?



  • LAN: How many active hosts are within the LAN network (servers, routers, firewalls, computers, printers, laptops, etc)?
  • LAN: How many physical LAN locations exist?
  • LAN: Is it possible to test the entire network from one location?
  • LAN: Is it possible to perform tests of machines in the internal network (LAN) remotely?
  • WAN: How many public IP addresses (or what subnet mask) will be analyzed?

Cloud security

& Cloud assessment

  • What cloud environment will be audited (AWS, GCP, Azure)?
  • For the purposes of the tests, access to administration panels/consoles with appropriate permissions will be necessary.
  • What is the size of the cloud environment (estimated number of machines, number of databases used, extensiveness of firewall policies, etc.)?
  • What cloud-specific services are you using (e.g. AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Azure Kubernetes Service, etc.)

Social engineering

  • How many locations should be audited by the onsite audit?
  • How many test scenarios should be implemented during phishing/vishing campaigns?
  • How many employees are to be tested during phishing/vishing campaigns?
  • What is the main language used in the organization?
  • What software is used in the organization (e.g. O365/M365, Google Workspace, OWA, Sharepoint, Teams, Windows, MacOS, etc)?

Source code review

  • How many lines of code does the application consist of?
  • What technologies is the application made in?
  • Are tests possible on Securitum's workstations?
  • Will the Purchaser provide a copy of the code subject to the Securitum's analysis?

Any questions?

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and help!

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