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Open-Source Intelligence

OSINT services utilize publicly available information to generate valuable insights about potential threats to your organization.

By gathering and analysing data from diverse sources, we can identify potential attack vectors, expose data leaks, and evaluate your organization's online footprint from a threat perspective.

Key focus areas include:


System Integration and Security Validation

Our process starts with the use of robust digital tools to collect pertinent data. Our team will then carry out passive attempts to identify vulnerable, testing, or debug services through a process called service enumeration. This contributes to a better understanding of potential access points for attackers. Next, we use both passive and active methods to find domain names associated with your organization. This proactive approach helps to understand and secure your digital footprint. We also perform active mass-scale querying of your DNS servers, which provides further insights into your digital infrastructure and how it is viewed from an outsider perspective.


Online Visibility and Exposure Assessment

By utilizing well-known search engines, we collect additional information about your organization's online presence. This process is then followed by a certificate transparency inspection. As we explore certificate transparency logs, we aim to discover any unknown or internal domain names, contributing to a more complete picture of your online assets. Our service also includes searching public platforms where data is commonly shared or stored. This helps us to identify potential leaks or IT-related information about infrastructure, such as IP addresses, domain names, emails, API keys, and even passwords.


Security Vulnerabilities and Leaks Investigation

We will actively search for any testing or development domains and resources related to your organization, as these can often present unforeseen security vulnerabilities. We also aim to identify any leaks of technical information from your infrastructure, like versions of services or systems, to prevent these details from being exploited by potential attackers.



What is OSINT?

OSINT, or Open-Source Intelligence, is a method of gathering and analyzing information that is publicly available to gain valuable insights about potential threats and risks to an organization. It's a key tool in understanding an organization's cyber-threat landscape and aiding in the development of effective security measures.


What kind of insights can an OSINT service provide?


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