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Leading european penetration testing company.


Securitum has been providing penetration testing services since 2009.

A team consisting of 50 highly skilled professionals guarantees the services at the highest level. The quality of the work is confirmed by certificates, publications and references received from our customers.

Our services

Web application

penetration testing

Web application penetration test is an approach to evaluate security by simulating an attack on a web application. We employ a combination of automated and manual techniques to identify vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by malicious attackers.

The goal is to provide clients with insights into their security status and recommend ways to improve their web security.

Mobile application

penetration testing

This kind of penetration test involves a combination of manual and automated testing techniques to assess security controls, identify vulnerabilities, and determine the potential impact of a successful attack.

The objective is to provide recommendations on how to improve security posture of the application and reduce the risk of a security breach.


penetration testing

We simulate an attack on a network infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. We use a variety of tools and techniques to assess the security of a website's servers, network devices, and applications.

By identifying weaknesses, clients can take steps to mitigate potential security risks and protect their network from attacks.

Cloud security

& Cloud assessment

Cloud security risk analysis includes an assessment of the risks and potential vulnerabilities associated with using a cloud-based system.

This type of audit is carried out to ensure that companies' data is adequately protected when stored on a remote server.

Red teaming

Red team audit is conducted by a team of "ethical hackers" to simulate an actual attack on an organization's systems and infrastructure.

The process involves reconnaissance, exploitation, post-exploitation and reporting phases.

SSDLC implementation

SSDLC stands for Secure Software Development Life Cycle and indicates what organizations should adhere to for integrating security measures at each stage of the software development process.

This audit helps to reduce the risk of security incidents and ensures organisations to be better prepared to respond to security incidents.

Key facts about us

What have we done in the last 3 years?


penetration tests made

10 000 +

vulnerabilities detected


reports sent


We can confirm high competence of Securitum, great security experience and high cybersecurity knowledge level. Ordered service was realised with best possible care and attention. Realised project was carried on time with best market practices. Securitum team also presented very high consulting skills. All reports were on time, detailed and readable.

Sirko Pelzl - CEO, apoQlar GmbH

Securitum is our top vendor which we prioritise over other service providers. They are flexible in time, and always have a capacity of testers to accommodate a high volume of projects. Securitum provides high standard reports, professional and knowledgeable staff and customer service.

Sandra Niezgoda - Information Security Coordinator, Ocado Technology UK

Proton is satisfied with the work performed by Securitum. We consider to be a reputable security firm. Your employees are professional, courteous, reliable and dependable.

Andy Yen - CEO, Proton AG

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